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The New Rules Of A Project Manager Essay - 1577 Words

Meredith (2006) mentioned that selecting a project manager is one of the two most important decision concerning the project. He mentioned the project manager should have credibility and sensitivity. However, in other books mentioned that PM not only should have credibility and sensitivity but also vision, courage, integrity, and discipline Visioner John P. Kotter described a project without vision is a region that is unknown which is a stretch of unmapped future. In his book The New Rules: How to Succeed in Today s Post Corporate World, he mentioned that the main destruction is there is no any vision from PM. Benis and Nanus, (1997: 19) defines vision as: Something that articulates a view of a realistic, credible, attracttive future for the organization, a condition that is better in some important ways than what now exists Furthermore becah (1993) said that the vision is a general formulation of the desired state at the end of the plan period to achieve the goals that may be achieved within a certain period. Visionary leader is a leader whose in running the organization s activities emphasize the vision that has been set together from planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating as a manifestation of the organization. A PM must be visionary because it can foster the commitment of its employees. One easy way to visualize the vision is by imagining what we want to achieve an organization in the future. PMs who are on a mission with his team will strive inShow MoreRelatedThe Main Tasks Of A Financial Manager1549 Words   |  7 Pagesexerts a significant impact on individuals as well as companies nowadays. Knowledge about finance fills so many books to equip financial managers to create more benefits for the company. As a financial manager, one primary duty is maximising the wealth of the firm by making correct decisions. This report will focus on the three main tasks of a financial manager, name investment decision, financing decision and dividend decision. Firstly, we will state our understanding of these terms in detail. ThenRead MoreDefine an â€Å"Efficient Market† and the Three Forms of Market Efficiency. Explain How Each of the Forms Differs from a Perfect Market. Define Arbitrage and E xplain What Kind of Information Is Needed for You to Obtain853 Words   |  4 PagesForm will appear when all information is publicly available, including the historical price information. The price should rise at once when the news release and no chance for profit when the investor analysis the information. The Strong Form appears in which the price reflects all information publicly or privately on market. Secret news or insider’s news is useless for investors to earn profit in this form. Arbitrage will generates profit from the rationally purchase and sale of similar stocksRead MoreEssay on project management1748 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Project Charter Colorado Spring Welcome Home Parade QI CHEN Project Management January 24, 2015 Abstract This project charter is planned to help O’Donnell O’Donnell LLP who will lead the project management team take place the parade smoothly. This parade for welcoming home troops will be organized in Colorado Spring which has a long history of military. This project charter’s goal is making sure project management team and sponsorsRead MoreProject Selection Risk Project Risk1052 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head: PROJECT SELECTION RISK 1 Project Selection Risk Natasha Bing Grantham University PROJECT SELECTION RISK 2 Abstract With any project, it always needs to be completed within a certain time period, and most often times it will acquire various costs to includeRead MoreAnalysis Of Google s Project Oxygen772 Words   |  4 PagesGoogle’s Project Oxygen has developed a new perspective in modern management using their eights rules of thumb, as a substitute to knowledgeable workers to deal with their managers in the typical command-control approach, making organization of most businesses in a skeptical situation, especially when it comes to sophisticated entrepreneurs ,. The way Google used their own data-driven approach for reasoning, and applying it into their human resource system ,was the key point to accommodate theRead MoreProject Management Structure Paper862 Words   |  4 PagesRunning head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE PAPER Project Management Organizational Structures Paper University of Phoenix MGT 437- Project Management Roy Chuang December 2, 2012 Project Management Organizational Structures Paper A project organization is a framework of rules and regulations that companies use to facilitate the harmony and finishing point of project activities. Its foremost objective is to generate a atmosphere that will encourage relations betweenRead MoreThe Success Of New Managers1239 Words   |  5 PagesGain experience. New managers tended to strictly follow rules, because that is how they succeeded as nurses and doctors. However, this was not ideal behavior for a manager. It was precisely their ability to apply their expertise in unique ways to unique situations that brought the most value to their work (Cathcart Greenspan, 2013). Andron stated this another way, â€Å"strictly-regulated organizational cultures will never be creative and innovative, thus, companies nurturing such organizational culturesRead MoreChallenges Of Global Project Management1629 Words   |  7 Pages Global Project Management is one of the most important topics when dealing globalization of an organization. It is the most significant part when trying to accomplish a goal or build a strategy for a new product or service in a new region. There are many characteristics for Global Project Management. Some of those characteristics will lead to advanced achievements. Global Project management can be defined through a framework that will simplify all negative indicators and will help lead organizationsRead MoreOffice Management Principles Essay1552 Words   |  7 Pagesand objectives. The office manager is an individual who is concerned with planning, organizing and controlling all aspects of management that are within the office of an organization (Buhler, 2008). This may include coordination, preparation of records, controlling communication, supervision and overseeing all the operations within the office. In order to ensure there is a smooth flow of all activities within the office, the administration should follow a set of rules that govern the smooth runningRead MoreOutline Of A New Plastic Product1176 Words   |  5 PagesProject Name: Product #368DJ Amendment History: CR Document Version Approval Date Modified By Section, Page(s)and Text Revised Purpose: The purpose of the project is to make a new plastic product which is better than the previous product in terms of: more environment friendly, causing less pollution, affordable price and long life. There were some problems with the previous products of DJ Plastics, as their containers were very large and they were not efficient as required by the customers

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Star River Electronics - 1819 Words

In Partial Fulfillment Of the Course Requirement In Management Financial Planning Submitted to: Professor Raymond Queddeng Submitted by: Group 3 Alfabeto, Carmela Conos, Via Leal, Diva On: November 17, 2007 I. CASE BACKAGROUND Star River Electronics (SRE) was a joint venture company between Starlight Electronics Ltd., and an Asian venture-capital firm, New Era Partners. The company was based in Singapore, and was engaged into the manufacturing of CD-ROMs which it supplied to major software companies. The CD-ROM manufacturing industry grew rapidly in the mid-1990s due to the popularity of optical and multimedia products. Because of the emergence of small, but aggressive players,†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ Any external funding needed is in the form of debt. †¢ Any other assumptions are based on the historical analysis of reports. †¢ To find the rate of interest of New Era Loan, multiply the borrowings of bond issue and short term borrowings to their rates then deduct the total of the two interest amounts from the total interest expense in 2001 (SGD7,818). The given interest rates are: a) 6.7% was computed as Prime Lending rate of 5.2% + 1.5% (City Bank); b) interest rate on bond issue was stated at 5.75% which is paid semi-annually. The interest expense attributed to the New Era loan of SGD10,000 is a balancing figure. The interest rate to be used for all short-term borrowings should be 7.58%.. 3. What is the company’s sustainable growth rate based on the projections for 2002 and 2003? Is the company growing beyond its financial capabilities? Based on the company’s 2001 performance, the computed sustainable growth rate is at 10.95%. This means that the forecast 15% sales growth per year for 2002 and 2003 is above the maximum growth rate that SRE can maintain without resorting to additional borrowings. Given this, it can be surmised that if SRE is compelled to target this annual growth for the next two years, then it will have to be prepared to increase the level of its short-termShow MoreRelatedStar River Electronics Ltd.1582 Words   |  7 PagesSTATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Star River Electronics Ltd. is a large manufacturer and supplier of CD-ROMS. It was founded as a joint venture between New Era Partners and Starlight Electronics Ltd. It has enjoyed a great deal of success in the past decade, due in large part to their excellent reputation. Star River does need to address several issues with the recent resignation of their former CEO. Digital Video Disks are expected to cut into the CD-ROM market in the very near future, and with only 5%Read MoreCase 26 - Star River Electronics Ltd.1419 Words   |  6 Pages Muhammad R.K. Chishty Advanced Corporate Finance 2 March, 2015 Case 26 – Star River Electronics Ltd. Introduction Star River Electronics is a joint venture between England’s Starlight Electronics Ltd. and an Asian venture-capital firm, New Era Partners. Star River Electronics is based in Singapore, and its mission was to manufacture CD-ROMs as a supplier to major software companies. Star River Electronics has gained fame in the industry for producing high quality discs. As the opticalRead MoreCase Analysis of Star River Electronics Ltd.†4097 Words   |  17 PagesCase Overview: Star River Electronics Ltd. Star River Electronics Ltd. is a large manufacturer and supplier of CD-ROMS based in Singapore. It was founded as a joint venture between an Asian venture capital firm, New Era Partners and Starlight Electronics Ltd, UK. It has enjoyed a great deal of success in the past, due in large part to their excellent reputation for producing high-quality discs. But due to recent emerge of Digital Video Disks (DVDs) Star River Electronics does need to faceRead MoreCase Analysis of Star River Electronics Ltd.†4084 Words   |  17 PagesCase Overview: Star River Electronics Ltd. Star River Electronics Ltd. is a large manufacturer and supplier of CD-ROMS based in Singapore. It was founded as a joint venture between an Asian venture capital firm, New Era Partners and Starlight Electronics Ltd, UK. It has enjoyed a great deal of success in the past, due in large part to their excellent reputation for producing high-quality discs. But due to recent emerge of Digital Video Disks (DVDs) Star River Electronics does need to face someRead MoreStar River Electronics Case Solution Essay3063 Words   |  13 PagesFlorida Atlantic University Star River Electronics Ltd. – Case Analysis Case Summary Star River Electronics is a joint venture company that has gained respect within the industry for producing high quality CD-ROMs to major software companies. In the mid 1990s, multimedia products created a high demand for CD-ROMs, allowing manufacturing companies of all sizes to enter the market. As a result, an oversupply ensued causing prices to decline as much as 40%. Star River survived a period of consolidationRead MoreAFIN832 Case study 1: Star River Electronics Ltd1888 Words   |  8 Pages  AFIN832 Case study 1: Star River Electronics Ltd     1. Assess the current financial health and recent financial performance of the company. What strengths and/or weaknesses would you highlight to Adeline Koh? From the ratio of profitability, the company had about 18% on operating margin, 16% on ROE, 8% on ROS and 5% on ROA in both 1998 and 1999. However, there was a downturn trend in profitability ratio in 2000. This could be the result of price competition because of the introduction of DVD manufacturingRead MoreBalance Sheet and Free Cash Flows1155 Words   |  5 PagesStar River Electronics Ltd. Team 14 Constantine Brocoum Courtney Delia Stephanie Doherty David Dubois Radu Oprea December 19th, 2009 Contents Objectives 1 Management Summary 1 Financial Health 1 Financial Forecast for 2002 and 2003 3 Key Driver Assumptions 5 Star River WACC 5 Free Cash Flows of the Packaging Machine Investment 7 Appendices 7 i. Objectives This report seeks to answer the following five questions about Star River Electronics Ltd.: 1. Assess the currentRead MoreEffects Of Star Bucks Coffee Shop And Management Plan1429 Words   |  6 PagesThis document is planed to provide an overview of risks that are involved with star bucks Coffee shop and the management plan to mitigate these risks before happening or minimizing the damaging effects of risks if they occur at all. It will start by defining risk and then identify, analyze and evaluate risks. It will grade risks based on its seriousness and likelihood of happening in the business. Then, plans to mitigate these risks will be created and implemented to minimize risks at any given stageRead MorePolitical Geography Of China1181 Words   |  5 Pagesthird lowest point in the world), while the highest point is Mount Everest at 8,848 meters (and ranks as the highest mountain peak in the world. Another notable feature is the Yangtze River (which, in Mandarin, is Chà ¡ng JiÄ ng, which literally translates to â€Å"long river†) which is 3,915 miles long and the third longest river on the planet. Chinese currency is called renminbi (which translates literally to â€Å"the people’s currency†), while their equivalent of a US dollar is a Chinese yuan. One Chinese yuanRead MoreInformation About The D Hotel1277 Words   |  6 PagesIn this report I would like to the information about The D Hotel because I have an interest in the hospitality industry, and it has become History and Introduction The D Hotel is a 4 star hotel in Drogheda that was founded in 2005. and is located next to the Scotchall shopping centre complex. The Scotchall complex itself is mostly modern in design, but incorporated the old building that was once Cairnes Brewery. Cairnes brewery was a major brewery in the 19 Century. The brewery became famous

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Who is Worried About California Bar Essay Samples and Why You Should Be Paying Attention

Who is Worried About California Bar Essay Samples and Why You Should Be Paying Attention Definitions of California Bar Essay Samples Additionally, it made it less difficult to begin the essays, which I dreaded during my other bar review course the very first time around. Even among customers who may not otherwise get an item, hearing that an item may not be available tomorrow can be a game-changer. California Bar Essays The increasing number of essay writing services is totally overwhelming. Sooner or later, it's your decision. The price generally varies based on the essay type. If you would like to get a finished paper at an affordable price, you're in the area you require! There are lots of reasons as to why you might need to create your order with Instead you would like to learn new material and set it in the appropriate context. The Benefits of California Bar Essay Samples When many individuals go to law school right after college, it's possible to be a lawyer after you turn 30. The best careers for people over age 40 are likely to be ones that have an expected increase in employment opportunities during the next few decades. The lectures are available online, so they may be used at home, on the job or just about anywhere you have an online connection. There's no essential major to visit law school, so you're able to pursue any course of study that interests you. Ensure you use fountain pen ink, as other varieties of ink could mess up your pen. Any part of jewelry you select can be displayed in a jewelry box. Simple random sampling can provide you an extremely accurate picture of how your slogan performs with the typical individual, but nevertheless, it won't offer you detailed information about specific groups of individuals. It means that every member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the study. Naturally, it could or might not be there. Mag-lev trains are employed in countries including Japan. Start Early One of the biggest mistakes you may make is waiting too much time to start. In addition, the feedback I received from the BarGraders graders was very beneficial. At present, the Multistate Essay Exam tests each one of the MBE subjects, listed above, plus a selection of non-MBE subjects. The CA Essay part of the exam is made up of five essay questions. Applicants should plan to get there a minimum of 20 minutes early to find their assigned sections or rooms. You may almost bet that in case you choose to leave a subject alone, that it's going to show up on the exam. The Chronicles of California Bar Essay Samples Nationwide, bar examinations are becoming tougher. Applicants admitted to the Attorneys' Examination aren't permitted to select the MBE. The scaling for any individual Bar Exam won't ever be released and varies depending on the test so we'll never understand what percentage is going to be asked to pass. Encounter's menu provides an assortment of steaks, poultry and seafood dishes, and diners don't need to pass through security to stay restaurant. Consequently, simple random sampling is rarely easy and often time intensive and tedious. Naturally, several of the bar review courses include materials on the operation test, which means you may not have to purchase extra materials. So as your bar exam study procedure gets under way, remember to begin thinking in the manner of a bar exam grader. Let's have a peek at its advantages and disadvantages. On the way, you are going to discover how to handle your time, develop a strategy for bettering your testing performance, and ensure the consistent level of your answers. Each performance test contains two packets. The whole past performance test was converted into one screen. Listen to the program audio lectures anywhere it's possible to carry an iPod. Disadvantages of selecting an inexpensive essay service Quality If you're opting for cheaper service, bear in mind that it might not be up to the mark. Pros of employing a low-cost essay service Availability Everywhere online, you can get one or other essay services. Summary Hiring an affordable essay service may be a correct selection for students at one time crunch.

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Boxer Rebellion Impacts free essay sample

The Boxer Uprising and Rebellion in 1901 further weakened an already destabilised Qing Government and was a key component in governmental change. After the first Opium war with Great Britain from 1839- 1842, China was coming under an increase in pressure from various foreign powers. Following the war, foreigners were given the rights to control trade, collect customs money and run the courts in dozens of Chinese cities, called ‘Treaty Ports’. China had suffered the violation of the powers, although once it was suddenly made clear that the country was defenceless against modern military organisation and weapons, this encroachment was flung into a scramble for concessions. This scramble intensified the already present Chinese hatred of the foreigner. Hong Kong was given to the British in 1842, Indochina was taken by the French in 1884, and Taiwan was taken by Japan in 1894 following their war success over China. Germany and Russia also started to gain influence throughout China (Salem Press, 1992). The Qing government, also known as the Ch’ing government, was heavily manipulated by the West. This led to the distrust and lack of support by the Chinese public – severely weakening the government. The Boxer Uprising and Rebellion during 1901 was a pivotal point in the eventual destruction and downfall of the Qing by Sun Yat-Sen and the formal abdication of the last emperor Puyi in 1912 (Szczepanski, 2013). CONTEXT OF THE REBELLION Throughout the 1890’s many secret societies and militia were formed and worked to solely oppose foreigners inside China. The most active society was the I-ho Ch’uan or The Righteous and Harmonious Fists. This group in its ceremonies practiced the ancient Chinese art of shadow boxing, thus the West nicknamed the group the ‘Boxers’. The Boxers had always been opposed to foreign control inside China, although more and more, however, the group began to oppose missionaries, especially after Germany started to dominate Shantung in 1898 (Salem Press, 1992). Kuang-hsu, the Chinese Emperor was in a difficult position. The Boxers wanted to rid China of foreign influence, while the foreign powers implored the government to stand firm against the Boxers. For a period of time in the summer of 1898, it seemed as if tensions and problems would quell. Emperor Kuang-hsu had decided to reform the Chinese government and had introduced ‘One Hundred Days of Reform’. Although this came to a sudden end when the emperor’s aunt, Empress Dowager Cixi and her chief advisor Jung-lu staged a coup, Kuang-hsu was arrested and Cixi became the ruler of China. The Empress Dowager was committed to getting rid of foreign control. With the support of many officials in North China, the Boxers began to sabotage foreign railroads and settlements. In 1899 attacks on people began. This included the murders of foreign missionaries, numerous massacres of Chinese Christians, the murder of the chancellor to the Japanese legation, the German minister Clemens von Ketteler as well as the destruction of railways, churches and other ‘foreign’ structures (Miffin, 2001). The Empress Dowager believed the Boxers when they claimed that the foreigner’s bullets could not harm them. The Boxers motto became â€Å"Fu-Chieng, mieh –yang†: Support the Ch’ing (Qing), exterminate the foreigners (Salem Press, 1992). On June 21 1900, the Ch’ing government declared war on all the treaty powers in China. She called up the Chinese army and Boxers to defend the country from a foreign invasion that was sure to come. By Late July, a powerful international force of twenty thousand men including Germans, Japanese, Americans, British, Russians, French, Austrians and Italians were deployed in retaliation to the attacks, under the command of Alfred von Waldersee. Within two weeks of fighting, the force made their way to Peking (Beijing) and defeated the Chinese army and Boxer units utterly defeating the Empress and her government, who eventually signed the Boxer Protocol in 1901. The Boxer Protocol had massive ramifications impacting China socially, politically and economically. ECONOMIC CHANGE In 1899, China suffered a massive trade deficit of 69 million taels and a government budgetary imbalance of approximately 12 million taels. To meet this deficit the court increased taxes and provincial contributions. This burden ultimately fell on the people. The Boxer Rebellion had a severe blow to the Chinese people and the already crippled Chinese economy. Through its signing, China had a total indemnity of 450 million taels owed to the Allies; this had to be payed within 39 years at 4% interest per annum (Arora, 2011). This is verified through the Boxer Protocol Article VI â€Å"†¦His Majesty the Emperor of China agreed to pay the Powers an indemnity of 450 000 000 of Haikwan taels†¦. † (California, 2011). This further weakened the Chinese economy (who were already struggling with debts) and made the Manchu government almost go into bankruptcy. It is estimated that the entire Qing government income was only about 250 million taels at the time (1900), making the indemnity excluding interest worth almost two entire years of government revenue (Arora, 2011). The Protocol additionally permitted all Allies to be based in Peking (Beijing) and have unrestricted access to China’s goods and resources. Compounded with the large reparations, the Protocol had an extremely harmful effect on the Ching dynastys financial conditions and evidently obstructed Chinas economic growth. Enormous amounts of money flowed out of the country, while very limited money was coming in. This lack of income also forced the Chinese to take imbalanced loans with Western countries often with high interest rates. POLITICAL CHANGE With the singing and commencement of the Boxer Protocol, Chinas national rights were further violated. The terms of the Protocol interfered with Chinas internal administration and interfered heavily with the government’s foreign policies. Also, its national defence force was badly taken aback (Purcell, 1963). This is further reinforced and corroborated through the Boxer Protocol itself. Article V stipulates that, â€Å"China has agreed to prohibit the importation into its territory of arms and ammunition, as well as the materials exclusively used for the manufacture of arms and ammunition†. Article VIII further promotes the idea that China’s defence force and politics was negatively affected through the signing of the Protocol, â€Å"The Chinese government has consented to raze the forts of Taku, and those of which impede free communication between Peking and the sea (California, 2011). Within the court, the Empress Dowager realised the need for reform despite her ultra conservative views. To save the Qing government and the Manchu Dynasty, institutional reform had to be introduced. The Empress now reluctantly, instigated in 1901, opened the way for many of the ‘Hundred Days’ reforms (which she had previously opposed and prematurely ended in 1898) (Salem Press, 1992). Education was modernised alongside with military training although was very difficult due to the Boxer Protocol stipulations regarding military powers. Chinese officials toured the West, studying the different systems of government. A plan was made for a constitutional monarchy inside China; elections were held in 1909 and 1910 for regional and national parliaments. Although these reforms in the end came too late; a number of republican, nationalist and secret society organisations joined in the Revolutionary Alliance, led by Sun Yat-sen. This coalition managed to topple the Qing Empire on October 10, 1911. SOCIAL CHANGE The Boxer Protocol, a direct result from the Boxer Rebellion was a further blow to what little integrity the Qing government still possessed. The Chinese people started to greatly doubt the powers of the Qing government due to their swift failure and humiliation in the hands of the Western powers (Arora, 2011). This is reinforced through H. Miffin who states, ‘Mobilisation of the masses of traditional fighters against well-equipped foreign forces was something new to the Boxers’; this was a direct result of the Empress Dowagers ‘success’ in the early termination of the ‘Hundred Days’ reforms. By preventing this reform, she averted China from receiving and rapidly acquiring modern armaments and institutions required to deal with foreigners on their own terms. The Qing government attempted many times to initiate efforts to try and restabilise the administration of the government although Sun Yat-sen’s movements had won the support in various sections of the Chinese population. The Qing simply lost the respect of the Chinese populous as well as the respect from the foreign powers; China lost considerable support from all parties. As a result Nationalism became a stronger force among the Chinese people. This unity between the people convinced many Chinese, that revolution, not reform, was the only effective way of saving China. Having failed to repel foreigners in the battlefield as well as politically, the Chinese population concentrated on accusing the Manchu (Qing) government for their inability to defend and protect China. The downfall of the Qing dynasty quickened when revolutionary activities received more social support (Woo, 2007). This sources argument on Nationalism is further validated by the book, Great Events 1900 vol 1, ‘Many people with skills and education refused and rejected serving a government that was perceived to be so incompetent’. CONCLUSION Overall, a main cause for the collapse of the Qing government in 1911 was greatly owed to foreign interference and intervention surrounding the events and the aftermath of the Boxer Rebellion throughout China. Progressively heavier foreign influence and teachings gave to the eventual rise to the rebellion, which opened a gateway for increased foreign activity inside China (Arora, 2011). This is further analysed by H. Miffin, ‘The aftermath of the Boxer rebellion and through the incorporation of the Boxer Protocol established a system of foreign garrisons, reaffirming foreign immunities and privileges inside China’. The Chinese court underwent severe economic, political and social consequences that harshly impacted an already debilitated Qing government forcing the court into making unwanted decisions, subsequently reforming its government and social structure. The rebellion was a key piece in the failure of the Qing, and paired with the bad leadership of Empress Dowager Cixi, it was the final blow in the government system which had rained successful for the previous 2,000 years. Bibliography Arora, R. (2011, May). Qing Dynasty Collapse The Boxer Rebellion. California, U. o. (1901). The Boxer Protocol. Beijing, China. Landor, A. H. (1901). China and the Allies vol. 1. New York: Charles Scribners Sons. Miffin, H. (2001). Boxer Rebellion. Retrieved Febuary 2013, from History Study Centre: http://www. historystudycentre. o. uk/search/displayMultiResultReferenceItem. do? Multi=yesamp;ResultsID=13C9F659100amp;fromPage=searchamp;ItemNumber=2amp;QueryName=reference Purcell, V. (1963). The Boxer Uprising A Background Study. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Salem Press. (1992). 1900 1916. In Great Events 1900-1916 vol. 1 (p. 4). Szczepanski, K. (2013). The Boxer Rebellion. Retrieved March 6, 2013, from http://asianhistory. about. com/od/mod ernchina/a/Timeline-Of-The-Boxer-Rebellion. htm World, C. o. (2000). The Boxer Aftermath. Retrieved March 9, 2013, from

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The Witcher. Last Wish Review Essay Example

The Witcher. Last Wish Review Paper Essay on The Witcher. Last Wish It is with these words begin those 1500 pages (12-m font single-spaced), which takes the whole saga about the Witcher on my computer (13 MB of disk space). On reading went Week (often distracted). However, with the works of this genre I have a conversation or short (all have Perumova about professions in all its guises, has been read for 3 days) or very short ( Wolfhound was thrown about on the 20th page). I have to say impressive saga Sapkowski and have done a lot within a given genre. It managed to create a very hraizmatichnyh and believable protagonists (and minor characters are very picturesque). It managed to create a time and place action: the world of The Witcher is holistic enough thought, riddled with internal connections. Failed greatly deviate from the laws of logic, therefore, in his world, and his characters, believe, and this is the main feature required for the success of fantasy works And most importantly -. Sapkowski managed to create a piece in one degree or another original . Plot moves that are built on the revaluation of (mainly moral) action heroes, are quite good. Monsters inspire respect and understanding, noble motives very often turn mean and selfish interest. Although, sometimes Sapkowski in his moral metamorphosis clearly goes too far. With half a dozen notorious villains, whom the place on the gallows (judging by their deeds) turn out to be hurt children, which came just cruel. No, in each case, all this is quite plausible and even logical, but a mass phenomenon frankly confused. We will write a custom essay sample on The Witcher. Last Wish Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Witcher. Last Wish Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Witcher. Last Wish Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The world, The Witcher is pretty tough. And tough as the morally and physically violence in the book enough. But at the same Sapkowskis saga could not turn into a bloody mochilovo, the essence of which boils down to the killing of more and more tough rivals (although such an approach in the saga, of course, is). A feature of the saga is a very small number of happy moments and characters. The vast majority of the characters die, with varying degrees of severity over the world are constantly a threat of war hangs (or a war already in progress). A few words about a love saga line. To inflame the passions of this line does not yield battle scenes. Romance, true enough, but so too it is the world Sapkowski, have no place in it romance. The more valuable the separate episodes when among the blood and dirt grow true feelings to be trampled boots cruelty and cynicism The Witcher can really feel the:. Feel the atmosphere of the work, the way of thinking of the protagonist, suffering and pain all the characters. And the more valuable is the last thing that could Sapkowski: but he succeeded no less to finish the saga. And for that he open the bow, as towards the end of all the logically justified resources the source of the world Sapkowski was exhausted: the dragons were, vampires were massive war were incredible magic was used, undefeated fighters defeated. On or connected parallel worlds, or refer to the gods (or both simultaneously). Sapkowski chose the first option and have already begun to take shape prospects for logical inconsistencies and unreliability of psychological, but the writer stopped in time. I very sincerely hope that The Witcher will remain in the form in which it is now. Now, it is certainly one of the best works in the genre. Is not that right, Triss Merigold, the Fourteenth to the Hill?

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Activity 1 - Simple Random and Stratified Random Samples SP 14(4)(1) E

Activity 1 - Simple Random and Stratified Random Samples SP 14(4)(1) E STAT 1350: Elementary Statistics Collaborative Activity 1 Simple Random and Stratified Random Sampling Sampling Frame The sampling frame provided with this Collaborative Activity represents the student body as of the first day of autumn semester at a small liberal arts school in central Ohio. A Simple Random Sample The college believes that 75% of the student body resides on campus. Use the random number table (attached) to randomly select 10 students. Label the sampling frame using two digit numbers. STEP 1: Label the Sampling Frame STEP 2: Generate Random Numbers starting at row 145 of Table A a. List the 10 students. Indicate whether the student resides on campus or commutes to campus. |Label Number |Dorm or Off Campus|Label Number |Dorm or Off Campus| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | b. What percentage of your SRS live in a dorm? ________________________ c. I selected 5 other SRS of size 10 and recorded the percentage of each sample who lives in a dorm. Compare your percentage from part (b) to the percentages given below. Explain why the percentages are not all the same. 30%; 20%; 30%; 40%; 40%; d. Does your data support the college's belief? Explain why or why not. Stratified Simple Random Sample - a variation of the SRS. To take a Stratified Simple Random Sample, divide the population into 2 or more strata (naturally occurring subgroups). Take a SRS from the first strata then take a SRS from the second strata and so on until you have a SRS from each of the strata. Combine the SRS selected from each strata to make your stratified simple random sample. Pick a stratified sample, by gender of 20 students. Select 10 students from each stratum and record the class rank of each student. First select a SRS of 10 females. Then, continuing on the random number table where you left off, select a SRS of 10 males. Use the labels as you assigned them for the first SRS. STEP 1: Female labels: ____________________ Male: _______________________ STEP 2: Start at row 137 of Table A. a. List the 20 students |Label Number|Gender |Class Rank |Label Number|Gender |Class Rank | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | | |Female | | |Male | | What does your sample reveal about class rank and gender? Answer in complete sentence(s). TABLE A Random digits Line 101 19223 95034 05756 28713 96409 12531 42544 82853 102 73676 47150 99400 01927 27754 42648 82425 36290 103 45467 71709 77558 00095 32863 29485 82226 90056 104 52711 38889 93074 60227 40011 85848 48767 52573 105 95592 94007 69971 91481 60779 53791 17297 59335 106 68417 35013 15529 72765 85089 57067 50211 47487 107 82739 57890 20807 47511 81676 55300 94383 14893 108 60940 72024 17868 24943 61790 90656 87964 18883 109 36009 19365 15412 39638 85453 46816 83485 41979 110 38448 48789 18338 24697 39364 42006 76688 08708 111 81486 69487 60513 09297 00412 71238 27649 39950 112 59636 88804 04634 71197 19352 73089 84898 45785 113 62568 70206 40325 03699 71080 22553 11486 11776 114 45149 32992 75730 66280 03819 56202 02938 70915 115 61041 77684 94322 24709 73698 14526 31893 32592 116 14459 26056 31424 80371 65103 62253 50490 61181 117 38167 98532 62183 70632 23417 26185 41448 75532 118 73190 32533 04470 29669 84407 90785 65956 86382 119 95857 07118 87664 92099 58806 66979 98624 84826 120 35476 55972 39421 65850 04266 35435 43742 11937 121 71487 09984 29077 14863 61683 47052 62224 51025 122 13873 81598 95052 90908 73592 75186 87136 95761 123 54580 81507 27102 56027 55892 33063 41842 81868 124 71035 09001 43367 49497 72719 96758 27611 91596 125 96746 12149 37823 71868 18442 35119 62103 39244 126 96927 19931 36089 74192 77567 88741 48409 41903 127 43909 99477 25330 64359 40085 16925 85117 36071 128 15689 14227 06565 14374 13352 49367 81982 87209 129 36759 58984 68288 22913 18638 54303 00795 08727 130 69051 64817 87174 09517 84534 06489 87201 97245 131 05007 16632 81194 14873 04197 85576 45195 96565 132 68732 55259 84292 08796 43165 93739 31685 97150 133 45740 41807 65561 33302 07051 93623 18132 09547 134 27816 78416 18329 21337 35213 37741 04312 68508 135 66925 55658 39100 78458 11206 19876 87151 31260 136 08421 44753 77377 28744 75592 08563 79140 92454 137 53645 66812 61421 47836 12609 15373 98481 14592 138 66831 68908 40772 21558 47781 33586 79177 06928 139 55588 99404 70708 41098 43563 56934 48394 51719 140 12975 13258 13048 45144

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The Global Social and Enviremental Opportunities and Risks Facing Essay

The Global Social and Enviremental Opportunities and Risks Facing Woolworths - Essay Example On a global front, Woolworths needs to keep identifying risks and prospects that keep emerging as well as those already in existent. A noteworthy characteristic of the retail industry that Woolworths face is the rising intensity of competition and domination by few companies (Seth & Randall 2001). Therefore, accurate evaluation of social and environmental opportunities and risks is very critical to enable the company to adopt apposite strategic measures. Understanding of these opportunities and risks helps in establishment of effective growth policies and expansion plans or in a more threatening environment measures that pre-eminently upholds the current position or if need be, allows pull-out from markets. Understanding of future opportunities and risks also helps toshape how the management base their strategic decisions. This is because they need to balance and in consideration of other factors, they determine a realistic and sustainable direction to the retail business. Opportunit ies and risk analysis enables a retail chain, such as Woolworths, to identify the global markets and areas that are viable to open up new ventures and how exactly to take care of the needs of the clientele (Richardson & Williams 1995). In addition, they determine the allocation of resources.Opportunities and risks can be in any aspect of the company. They can be in skills and abilities of the employees, location and environment of operation, products and branding, financial and informational management. Social Opportunities and Risks One of the most noteworthy social opportunities is the global Woolworths Trust EduPlant programme (Burch & Lawrence, 2007). In collaboration with other organizations and educational institutions in several countries, for instance South Africa the programme sponsors and funds educational institutions in the growing of healthy foods in a sustainable system (Burch & Lawrence 2007, p 24). For over the last ten years, EduPlant programme has supported thousan ds of educational institutions to boost food security in the societies and to improve the nutrition of their students (Burch & Lawrence 2007, p 24). The programme runs annually and begins with an invitation to various stakeholders in the education sector to go for one day all-expense paid permaculture training.Those who are trained on various permaculture techniques become food security campaigners in their societies. They are then sponsored to grow food gardens that produce much-needed food for the schools within the communities. Land portions within the schools are converted into healthy greened environments and the trained educators are empoweredto share their permaculture skills with other members of the community (Burch & Lawrence, 2007). After the learning institutions have grown their gardens, they register them into a national competition. They continue to get support and guidance from trained permaculture specialists who visit the institutions and finally choose 63 finalist s. All selected finalist institutions are awarded with cash rewards and environmental, health and agricultural resources. Further rewards- in both cash and resources are given to the winners of various other categories. This programme is a great opportunity to market and promote Woolworths and make it a great brand name across all generations as well as boost its corporate social responsibility regarding